Le fromage contient beaucoup de lactose

Lactose is mainly contained in cow’s milk and the French culinary art frequently uses it. Between butter, fresh cream, and the roughly 1200 cheeses that exist in France, it is hard to pass lactose by …

However, when you are allergic there is no other solution, you have to eliminate everything. To do this, there are dozens of blogs specializing in lactose-free that will give you all the secrets to intelligently replace lactose in your home-cooked meals. But when you don’t have time to prepare your meal, whether you’re going to class or work, you still need to eat well. Even when dairy products are excluded, many industrial ready-prepared meals contain lactose hidden in their ingredients. Dishes containing “powdered milk” or “milk protein” should also be banned.

At Les Petits Plats d’Arthur, all our ready meals are certified lactose-free. We do not use any dairy products or derivative products that could contain lactose. Our laboratory, which pays special attention to allergens, has completely banned all products containing lactose, but also gluten, palm oil and other additives that we wish to exclude from our diet. If you are looking for a lactose-free ready-prepared dish, Les Petits Plats d’Arthur offers you a selection of choices to delight you at any time. Good news for all those who pay attention to their diet, especially those who are lactose intolerant! 😉

Lactose is a sugar

Finally, remember that lactose is a sugar and as we explained in our article dedicated to sugar, it can be used as a sweetener in some preparations to bring a sweeter and sugary flavor.

Our lactose-free vegetarian and vegan dishes

Our lactose-free meat and poultry dishes

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