Additifs alimentaire : un danger ?

Food additives: a danger?

Have you ever wondered what E420 or E100 are? What do they mean? What are they used for? Did you know that more than 300 food additives are used in the products we consume in France? Have you ever heard of zootechnical additives?

This month, the “Petits Plats d’Arthur” team tries to explain what food additives are.

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bannière article sur Yuka

What about the reliability of the Yuka application?

The mobile application for IOS and Android, Yuka, was created at the initiative of Yuca SAS. It enables the scanning of food and cosmetic products in order to obtain detailed information on the impact of the product on health. Its objectives are therefore to help the consumer to choose products considered better for health but also, indirectly, to encourage manufacturers to improve the composition of their products.

Today since October, 6.5 million users use the application 15.5 million times each month.

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Le Made In France : un gage de qualité

Made In France: a guarantee of quality?

While more and more companies decide to produce their goods abroad, the French, on the other hand, want to consume less but better. Moreover, according to a recent survey, three-quarters of French consumers say they are willing to pay more for a French product (conducted by the IFOP).

But there is a problem… “Made In France” or “Fabriqué en France” has become a sales pitch and some companies aren’t always honest with the consumer.

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Quel sucre choisir pour votre bien-être?

Which sugar to choose? Refining, glycaemic index, sweetening power, we explain …

While carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the human body, sugars get a much worse press. Often associated with obesity, diabetes or even tooth cavities, manufacturers often attempt to reduce the quantities (“less sugar”, “low in sugar”, “no added sugar”) without mentioning the different qualities of sugar… We will tell you all about sugar and how it is used in Arthur’s Small Plates.

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