Les petits plats d'arthur, solution sécurisée face au coronavirus

This pandemic forces us all to be careful, so as not to spread this lightning virus. Here’s how we deal with the Covid-19.

Production: stop or continue?

Our production laboratory continues to work, we are in the category of activities considered indispensable. Our strictest respect of hygiene measures, which we apply in our everyday life, already prevent any risk of contamination.

Technically, if our jars have a long preservation period, it is thanks to sterilization which, let’s remember, has the initial goal of destroying all viruses and bacteria. Our solution is therefore ideal and probably the best in these times when everything must be perfectly controlled.

This is the reason why we have prepared ourselves and will be able to honor all orders, especially those coming from people lacking autonomy during this period of confinement.


At the end of production, the jars closed at the exit of the autoclave are labeled and stored in cartons, ready to go. There is therefore no possible contamination with coronavirus when they leave the laboratory.

Handling & Shipping

Our packaging is done by boxes of 6 jars. When you wish to mix your dishes, we are obliged to open the boxes. In this case of course, we apply barrier measures with gloves and masks, as all professionals in our industry.


For this last step that is the delivery, and to make everyone’s job easier, we follow the recommendations of the post office… to the letter 😉.

Shipments by Mondial Relay are suspended since March 17th and until further notice. You therefore have no choice but to use the services of the post office.

The considerable increase in demands on the postal services can extend the transit time of your package. We thank you in advance for your patience.

In the meantime, we wish you the best of luck during this unprecedented period and continue to enjoy eating well and always healthy.

Les Petits Plats d’Arthur, THE secure solution!

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