Gluten free and lactose free risotto

Les Petits Plats d’Arthur

For gourmets of all backgrounds, Arthur and his team have designed “Les Petits Plats d’Arthur”. These healthy and gourmet dishes absolutely delicious, are guaranteed free of gluten, lactose, palm oil, preservatives, colorants and additives.

At home, while travelling or at the office, easily enjoy your next “Petit Plat d’Arthur” by reheating your closed jar, to avoid cross-contamination, 1 min 30 in the microwave or 8 min in a bain-marie.

A refined taste

“Eating is a feeling” wrote the famous food critic François Simon. Each of “Petit Plat d’Arthur” has been carefully prepared to be a “delightful break” and to provide you pleasure and taste satisfaction.

Food Security

Our dedicated laboratory and our perfect traceability guarantee you to eat well without gluten, lactose, palm oil, preservatives or additives, in complete safety.

Ready to enjoy

Our products have been conceived to be used everywhere and easily: you heat the jar closed, open it and then with only a fork you can taste it.

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Our environmental commitments

Palm oil free

The main cause of deforestation in the world is the exploitation of palm oil. It leads to the destruction of ecosystems including the emblematic orangutans.

The Independant: The reason why palm oil is so controversial

A fully recyclable jar

A fully recyclable jar

The jars chosen for “les Petits Plats d’Arthur” are entirely recyclable and without plastic wrapping. We are actively working to extend our jar salvage system to further reduce our environmental impact.

Mother Nature Network : Glass vs plastic, are maing the right choice?

A word from Arthur

Modern life and its mad rhythm invite us to be more and more attentive to what we consume every day. The diversity of diets (vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, gluten-free or with a bit of sugar) proves that a quality nutrition, serving our well-being, has become a priority.

Faced with this observation, I wanted “Les Petits Plats d’Arthur” to be both respectful of individual diets while supporting the values of sharing and exchange that are dear to French culinary culture.

A healthy and gourmet solution for everyone.


A new image of gluten/lactose free thanks to creative and delicious dishes! For a healthy break, I recommend !
Jeanne Segalen
Jeanne Segalen Translated Facebook Review
I had the opportunity to taste two excellent and original recipes: vegetable lasagna and vegan buckwheat. A real treat! Les Petits Plats d’Arthur offers a healthy alternative to lunch, I highly recommend and even more so for vegetarians!
Mitsuaki Vinot
Mitsuaki Vinot Translated Facebook Review
I had the opportunity to test the “risotto of my childhood” which was very good! Intolerant to lactose, I particularly appreciate this cuisine! Thank you, Arthur.
Claudie Thms
Claudie Thms Translated Facebook Review
High quality service and dishes! I recommend for all people who want to eat healthy and good food but do not have the time to cook on a daily basis.
Simon Dautheville
Simon Dautheville Translated Facebook Review

You manage a hotel, a restaurant, a delicatessen …

What’s up with ” Les Petits Plats d’Arthur” ?

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