Greek Vegetable and Quinoa


Feel like a fresh and light lunch? This salad is made for you. Enjoy it anywhere, on the beach, in the garden, on a trip, at the office, in your sofa or anywhere else…

🌿 Gluten, lactose, palm oil, preservatives and additives free.


Ingredients of the Greek vegetable and Quinoa

Ingredients: zucchini, broccoli, quinoa (10%), button mushrooms, artichoke bottoms, peppers, eggplants, black olives, homemade broth (carrot, leek, zucchini, garlic, bay, thyme), homemade sauce (onion, olive oil, yellow and green lemon juice, coriander, salt, pepper).


Nutritional values of Greek vegetables and quinoa

Per 100 g:

Energy:  61 Kcal/ 254 Kj
Lipids:  2.7 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 0.4 g
Proteins: 2.7 g
Carbohydrate:  5.1 g
of which sugar: 1.5 g
Fibers: 2.6 g
Salt: 0.46 g


Net weight: 250g

Total weight of jar: 660g

DLUO : 3 years


The Concept

All of our recipes are guaranteed gluten, lactose free, palm oil free, no preservatives or additives free.
A jar of 250 g is a portion of a person.
After warming up your Petit Plat d’Arthur, you can eat simply with a fork in the jar.
Our Jar can be kept at room temperature for 3 years from their date of manufacture (DLUO indicated on the label).


Tips & Advises

The Greek Vegetable is best eaten cold but can be warmed up:
closed jar 1 min 30 in microwave (850W) or 8 min in water bath to avoid cross-contamination.
If necessary, you can keep the jar in the refrigerator and consume it quickly after the opening.

Additional information

Weight 0.66 kg
Note Yuka

pas encore renseigné




Ă©nergie : 61 KCal / 254 KJ


Se déguste de préférence froid mais le bocal peut être réchauffé :
1 min 30 au micro-ondes (850 Watts) ou 8 minutes au bain-marie, bocal fermé.


3 ans (Ă  compter de la mise en bocal)

Poids net

250 grammes








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