Bolognese polenta lasagna


There is nothing better than a homemade Bolognese sauce.Find the flavour in our amazing lasagna revisited in a gluten-free and lactose-free version that will seduce all lovers of Italian cuisine.

🌿 Gluten, lactose, palm oil, preservatives and additives free.

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Bolognese polenta lasagna 1 Translated from the magazine “Le Monde de l’Epicerie Fine” of October / November 2019 :


These polenta lasagna have everything to please! They are good, tasty, suitable for gluten intolerant and are free of lactose, palm oil, preservative and additive. Convenient to reheat and taste with their presentation in a jar, they surprise the palate with a perfect balance of textures and frank and distinct tastes. Each bite allows you to appreciate the different flavors, and the Bolognese spirit is really there …

Ingredients from our Bolognese polenta lasagna

Ingredients: Homemade Bolognese sauce (40%) (bacon*, minced beef*, sausage meat*, onion, white wine (sulphites), thyme, bay leaf, rosemary, basil, double tomato concentrate, olive oil, garlic), polenta (24%) (polenta, eggs, water), homemade béchamel sauce (20%) (rice milk, corn starch, salt, nutmeg), tomato puree

*Origine France and Label Rouge


Focus on an ingredient: polenta

Polenta is a fine powder made from cornmeal, rich in many nutrients and vitamins, providing interesting benefits to your body.

The high carbohydrate content of polenta makes it slow and gradual to be absorbed, and ensures a quick and long-lasting satiety. Its protein (8%) and lipid (4%) content also makes polenta a food particularly low in fat and saturated fat. It is also a source of dietary fibre, which is very useful in the fight against constipation. Moreover, it contributes to a faster feeling of satiety.

But polenta is also rich in vitamins. It contains vitamin B3, which is well known for its role in eradicating bad cholesterol, vitamin B1, which is a source of energy, and smaller quantities of vitamin B6, which is a powerful antioxidant.

To a lesser extent, polenta contains magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. In short, a wealth of nutrients, minerals and vitamins in our lasagna and in the jar itself.

Source: Santé Pratique

Nutritional values of our lasagna

Per 100 g :

Energy: 143 Kcal/ 600 Kj
Lipids: 6.4 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 1.9 g
Protein: 5.7 g
Carbohydrates: 14 g
of which sugars: 3.1 g
Fiber: 1.2 g
Salt: 0.45 g


Net weight : 250g

Total weight of the jar: 660g

DLUO: 3 years


The concept

All our recipes are guaranteed gluten, lactose, palm oil, preservatives and additives free.
A 250 g jar is equivalent to a portion for one person.
After reheating, your Petit Plat d’Arthur can be eaten simply with a fork in the jar.
Our jars can be stored at room temperature for 3 years from the date of manufacture (DLUO indicated on the label).


Tips & Advice

Reheat your closed jar 1 min 30 in the microwave (850W) or 8 min in a water bath in order to avoid any cross-contamination).
If necessary, after opening, keep your jar in the refrigerator and consume it quickly.

Additional information

Weight 0.66 kg
Note Yuka

84/100 Excellent




143 Kcal / 600 Kj


1 min 30 au micro-ondes (850 Watts) ou 8 minutes au bain-marie, bocal fermé.


3 ans (à compter de la mise en bocal)

Poids net

250 grammes








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